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Motion Graphics is a complex field, encompassing the worlds of Conceptual Thinking, Graphic Design,
Animation, Cinematography, Editing, and Sound. And let’s not forget the business aspects such as Producing,
Marketing, Sales, and Client Service. It’s a lot to learn.

Our training has been designed around the belief that you don’t need a degree and a decade of experience to
become an effective MoGraph artist. You just have to know what’s important to
focus on, and you need to understand the fundamentals involved.

Trainings not Tricks

We focus on WHY you should do certain things, not just HOW. If you want in-depth explanations and examples of the principles and building-blocks involved in a successful Motion graphics piece, you will really like it here. If you want to learn a neat trick in 15 minutes, this is not the site for you.

Premium Tutorials & Classes

If this is your first time here, you might start by checking out a few of the 30 Days of After Effects videos to get a free taste of our content and style of teaching. If you want to go really deep, check out our Training Programs which can improve your work massively in a matter of weeks.


School of Motion started in March of 2013. Since then, our tutorials have been watched over
500,000 times by working artists and students all over the world. We're a small, but dedicated
team that hopes to keep growing in the years to come

Joey Korenman


Design & Animation Instructor


I started School of Motion to help Motion Designers up their game and push their careers to new heights. It's an honor and a pleasure to share our knowledge with you, and we welcome you to our growing community. Rock on!

Amy Sundin

Content Creator

Animator/Motion Designer


Hey there! I'm Amy, content maker and wrangler here at School of Motion. I am a chronic doodler and love animating. When I'm not in front of my computer making fun things I'm usually out gardening or reading a good book.

Alaena VanderMost


Product Manager


I have a serious commitment to creating the best student experience imaginable for School of Motion - which means I'm on a mission to ship features and content that you'll be obsessed with. When I'm not juggling projects here, I'm probably taking apart the latest tech gadget or traveling around the country by car.

Morgan Williams

Character Animation / Rigging Instructor

Animator/Ringling College Faculty


Hi! I’m Morgan, and I’ve been an animator and animation director for over 20 years and a full time faculty member in the Department of Motion Design at the Ringling College of Art and Design since 2011. I live with my lovely wife and 2 bad kittens in beautiful Sarasota, Florida. When I’m not teaching, rigging, or animating you can find me riding and polishing my Vespa scooters, being an obsessive comedy nerd, or playing music.

Michael Frederick

Design / Art Direction Instructor


Greg Elzerman

Animation Bootcamp TA

Motion Designer


I'm Greg and I like to make things move. I'm currently a motion designer at Asana in the San Fransisco Bay Area. When not moving pixels i like hanging out with my wife and 2 sons, getting outside, and making beer.

Ryan Woolfolk

Animation Bootcamp TA

Freelance Motion Designer


What’s up? I am the senior motion designer at LEAPframe, a small digital film & motion design boutique located in the historic Over-the-Rhine district of Cincinnati, OH. When I’m not animating you can usually find me hanging out with my lovely wife, wrestling with my two rowdy little boys, daydreaming, or exploring the great outdoors.

Chris Biewer

Animation Bootcamp TA

Motion Designer


I got into animation from watching cartoons as kid; Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Bruce Timm's Batman, Bucky O'hare and countless more. My love for things that move inspired me to study traditional animation and graphic design at South Dakota State University. I am currently a motion graphics artist and designer at Lemonly, based in Sioux Falls, SD.

Zak Tietjen

Animation Bootcamp TA

Motion Designer


Hello hello! I'm Zak, a freelancer, keyframe connoisseur and motion designer at Spacejunk in downtown Columbus, OH. I've been mographing for a few years now, with a fiery passion to constantly push myself to learn more and collaborate with as many artists as I can. When I'm not drying my eyes out staring a screen, I love to travel, search for awesome mexican food, and fiddle around on the ukulele.

Kelly McNutt

Character Animation TA

Media Designer


Greetings! I started my animation career as an Inker way back when they used to do that with real brushes and soon after started blending traditional animation with After Effects. I've had the pleasure of creating work for Comedy Central, MTV, Joe Murray, the BBC, King Features, FOX Sports and PBS. Currently I'm a Motion Designer with the Creative Studio at Cengage Learning in San Francisco and I'm looking forward to working with you!

Jeremy Rech

Character Animation TA

Motion Designer


'Sup! I'm Jeremy and I am a senior motion designer at JK Design, a digital creative agency in the small New Jersey town of Hillsborough. I graduated from Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University with a degree in Visual Arts. R­U! I started out as a painter and print designer before being asked to learn After Effects at JK. Those keyframes stuck their claws in me and haven't let go since!


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