Intro to Animation Curves in After Effects

If your goal is to become a working motion graphics artist, this might be the most important tutorial you can watch. Fancy techniques and tricks are great, but knowing how to use animation curves is such an important skill that it should be mandatory.

In this tutorial, I attempt to demystify the curved editor in After Effects, and to give you an understanding of how powerful animation curves are. If you’re not using them, you should be.

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9 Comments on “Intro to Animation Curves in After Effects

  1. I love the work you are doing! So many good tutorials on this site.

    • Thanks Ryan! I’m trying my best to do tutorials on things that I have to use every day… this stuff actually pays my bills so I’m glad it’s helping you. Plenty more coming.

  2. Joey, very helpful tutorial – this is exactly what I was looking for. Glad I found your site and am looking forward to checking out your other videos. Great work – keep it up!

  3. Just getting into motion graphics and this was the most informative tutorial I’ve seen so far… completely changes my approach. Thank you!

  4. Nice one for this tutorial, a great help for a young animator like myself just getting into the business (been teaching myself for about 6-8months). A lot easier to understand when you explain it the way you have, simple, straight forward and to the point.

  5. You are brilliant!

    Thank you for doing these awesome tutorials! I’ve been looking for that little spark to take my stuff to the next level and these hit the nail on the head! Many thanks Joey!

  6. So glad I found your website. This tutorial was one of the most helpful I’ve watched in awhile. Thank you!!! Am now a regular visitor.

  7. I know Flash, trying to learn AE. Thanks for the tutorials. You have a great, easygoing pace – casual but not floating off into space :)

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