Intro to Secondary Animation in After Effects

This is one of my shorter (20 min) tutorials. You’ll learn how to quickly apply secondary animation to your work, giving you an awesome tool to spice up even the simplest animations. This trick is one every motion graphics artist should have up their sleeve.

If you haven’t watched my Intro to Curves in After Effects tutorial, you may want to check that one out first as this will build on the concepts from that lesson.

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13 Comments on “Intro to Secondary Animation in After Effects

  1. Great tutorial. Definitely sharpened my skills watching it. You mentioned how sound design is also a crucial aspect to creating an animation. Could you point me towards which asset library you commonly use or consult? That would make me a very happy designer. Thanks for the video!

    • Seb, I am working on a resources page for the site because I get this question a LOT. Hopefully it will be a huge help!

      • Hey again! Just rewatching the video again and was wondering if you ever were able to get around to the sound asset library you said you would perhaps be able to point me in the direction of? thanks again!!

  2. Would you consider making a basic sound design tutorial? Thanks so much for these videos, it is great to have a resource that starts at the basics rather than focusing only on specific effects.

  3. This might be a dumb question, but how did you set up the initial shape? When I make a new rectangle and move the mask path the rectangle doesn’t change with it.

  4. Great tutorial. Is there a reason you keyframe your overshoots and anticipations rather than just use curves pull up or down whatever property before it moves to the next keyframe? I’m wondering if there’s some level of control I’m missing by just using curves, and if I should get back in the habit of actually keyframing overshoots and anticipations.

    • Tyler, funny you should ask. I find that sometimes I can get away with not using the extra keyframe, but most of the time I like the extra control I get from having that extra set of bezier handles.

  5. Awesome tutorial Joey! It will really improve my motion graphic work, Ive been focusing more on vfx, it’s about time i get more into MG. With ur help, i’ll definately improve, i appreciate it. Oh and when u were saying “Knock them down a bit”…at 6:14…u hold shift and press the arrow key up or down? I can try it out once im in AE

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