Scenery for Cinema 4D

One-Click Seamless Environments

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16K Seamless Skies

Ships with 6 different ultra-high-res skies.  Use them, or insert your own sky image.

Lighting Setups

Scenery ships with a few common lighting setups, but is also compatible with GSG Lightkit Pro.

Fully Customizable

Start with a preset, or roll your own.  Nearly everything can be tweaked.

Watch Scenery in Action

See how much time this plugin will save you with a full walk-through of the features.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which versions of Cinema 4D are supported?

Scenery is compatible with Cinema 4D R13, R14, and R15.  NOTE:  You must have a full install of Cinema 4D in order to use the plugin.  Currently we do not support Cinema 4D Lite as that version doesn’t support Python code.

There are separate installers for R13 and R14/R15.

Can I use a custom floor image?

This is probably the most requested feature, and is currently in development.  For now, you can only use the built-in floor presets.

Do you offer a student discount?

We do!  E-mail me to get more info.   You can contact me at

Will Scenery work on a render farm?

Scenery will work on a render farm as long as every machine has Scenery installed.  E-mail me about volume discounts on the plugin:



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