Write-On Effect Techniques

Doing write-ons the easy way, and the AWESOME way.

Huzzah!  Welcome to Day 1  of 30 Days of After Effects.  This first tutorial is all about writing stuff on.

I’ll show you a few ways to achieve the effect easily, and THEN I’ll show the bad-ass way to do it so it looks like real paintbrush bringing the type on.

I used a few resources to make this tutorial, and you can find the links to those resources here: Brush Strokes Water Color Textures Omino After Effects Plugins (FREE)

Questions / Comments are welcome as always. Thank you guys, make sure to check out the rest of the 30 Days of After Effects tutorials.

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  • Jón Kristinsson

    Nice! Love the Snake plugin.

    Just a quick note, you had the second R writeon layer set to Adjustment Layer, which was why the Omino plugin’s “Clear Background” was clearing the entire comp.

  • Mardi Mars

    Love your Tuts! , I’m just new to AE from 10 years as a photographer, you make it easy to understand, thanks bud

    • http://www.schoolofmotion.com jkorenman

      Thanks Mardi!