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12 Days of MoGraph Giveaways 2021

Celebrate the holiday season in style with 12 Days of MoGraph from School of Motion!

Tis the season! The holidays are here and it's time to bake some textures, content-aware-fill your stockings, and sing your favorite carols: Otoy to the World, Node to Joy, and our personal favorite, the 12 Days of MoGraph!

It couldn't be the holiday season without our annual 12 Days of MoGraph celebration — your opportunity to win valuable prizes for 12 consecutive days. And this year, we’ve got more prizes for more of you amazing people, delivered daily!

Giveaway Details

2021 has been a year of growth for artists around the world, so we want to celebrate with the community in style. For twelve days, we’re offering some amazing prizes to artists around the world.

  • The contest runs December 6, 2021 through December 17, 2021
  • Each day at 8 AM ET we will announce the prize, and open a form for you to submit your entry
  • You will need to enter once per day, but only one entry per person; additional entries will not be accepted
  • By entering, you agree to be publicly recognized as a winner through social media
  • Full-time School of Motion employees are not eligible to participate (sorry, Kyle)
  • The winner will be notified via email and announced on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram no later than 5:30pm ET each day; if we do not receive a response within 24 hours, a new winner will be selected
  • You can check back here daily for contest updates

The Sponsors

This year, School of Motion is providing huge prizes every day. It's just our way of saying "thank you" to this incredibly supportive community. We are proud to work with the creators of some of the industry's most popular software. Artists certainly can find a way to bring their visions to life, but it certainly helps when you have the right tools for the job.

  • Adobe "is changing the world through digital experiences," helping consumers and professionals create, optimize and deliver content through multimedia, creative and digital marketing applications.
  • Maxon is the creator of the world's number-one 3D software, Cinema 4D.

The Prizes!

Prizes are available to any qualifying applicant. One prize per community member (which means if you win on Day 1, you can't win on Day 2). NOTICE: We will send out emails to the winners to confirm addresses before releasing the prizes. If we don't hear back within the allotted time, we will move on to the next winner. Please make sure to check your spam filters by 9 PM ET the day of the prize.

DAY 1: Monday, December 6th

Prize: A free seat to After Effects Kickstart

DAY 2: Tuesday, December 7th

Prize: A free seat to Photoshop & Illustrator Unleashed

DAY 3: Wednesday, December 8th

Prize: A free seat to Design Bootcamp

DAY 4: Thursday, December 9th

Prize: A free seat to Animation Bootcamp

DAY 5: Friday, December 10th

Prize: A free seat to Illustration for Motion

DAY 6: Saturday, December 11th

Prize: A free seat to Advanced Motion Methods

DAY 7: Sunday, December 12th

Prize: Adobe’s Creative Cloud and instant access to all our 2D Holdframe Workshops

DAY 8: Monday, December 13th

Prize: Instant access to ALL of our Holdframe workshops

DAY 9: Tuesday, December 14th

Prize: A free seat to Cinema 4D Basecamp

DAY 10: Wednesday, December 15th

Prize: A free seat to Cinema 4D Ascent

DAY 11: Thursday, December 16th

Prize: Instant access to all our 3D Holdframe Workshops, and a one year Maxon license

DAY 12: Friday, December 17th

Prize: A one year subscription to Adobe’s Creative Cloud AND a one year Maxon One license!