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Moving From After Effects to Flame with Adrian Winter

By Joey Korenman

Adrian Winter stops by the podcast to chat about the evolution of the motion design industry, Flame vs After Effects, and what it's like to be a commercial VFX artist.

18 years ago I was an intern at a big post-production house in Boston, MA. This place had all the toys. A machine room filled with, probably, MILLIONS of dollars worth of gear... Flames, Smokes, Avids, a telecine machine... shoot, I think they even had one of the first High Definition suites in the city. And amidst all of this expensive, high-end stuff sat one man in a small, lonely office doing After Effects on one of those old colorful iMacs, I think it was teal...
That artist, was Adrian Winter. Adrian, probably unbeknownst to him at the time, was a huge influence on me. Here was this young, cool guy (in contrast to the older, more established artists working on the high-end machines) and he was doing amazingly cool stuff on this tiny little computer. I think Adrian might have actually been the very first After Effects artist, I ever met.
Later our paths crossed again at my first real job out of college, when he came in to freelance, doing some design and animation work for a pilot we were editing. He eventually moved to New York and became a Flame artist, and later a Visual Effects Supervisor which is the role he currently holds at Nice Shoes, a high-end creative studio that can handle soup-to-nuts productions that require everything from shooting, to motion design, to fancy visual effects.
In this episode, Adrian and I reminisce a bit about what it was like to come up in the industry in the early 2000's. We talk about why Adrian decided to move to New York and pursue a career using Flame, which was not an easy thing to learn back in those days before FXPHD and YouTube. We talk about the current state of the industry as far as the "all-in-one" post house goes, and where those high-end tools like Flame still fit in a world where the entire Adobe Creative Suite can be had for about $50 a month.
If you've been around the industry for a while, this one is going to make you nostalgic, and if you're just a few years in... you are going to learn a lot about the big changes that have shaped our industry over the past 2 decades.
This episode was a blast for me, and I hope you get a ton out of it. Enjoy!

Adrian Winter Show Notes