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Growing a MoGraph Studio with Michelle Ouellette

By School of Motion

Michelle Ouellette shares how she's helping grow Yeah Haus into a fun MoGraph powerhouse one illustration at a time.

For most of us the thought of owning a studio sounds like a dream come true, but what is it actually like to grow an emerging studio? And how are you to compete when you're somewhere between Buck and a freelancer?
Today's guest is one of the kindest people we've ever had on the podcast. Michelle Ouellette is an illustrator, artist, and all around great human. She's also the co-owner of Yeah Haus, a MoGraph studio based out of Detroit along with her husband Chad.
Yeah Haus's fun and colorful style is instantly recognizable and it is certainly a reflection of the studio's owners. In the podcast, Michelle talks about the process of creating and maintaining the studio. Along the way we'll learn about Michelle's background in Graphic Design and Illustration. You're going to love this one.

Yeah Haus Reel 2018

Here's Yeah Haus's most recent reel. Michelle's illustration work is all over this thing.