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Tutorial: Make a Water Shader in Cinema 4D

By Joey Korenman
Cinema 4D

Learn how to create an ocean shader in Cinema 4D.

Software like Realflow is expensive and time consuming to learn, and you're not always going to have the time or budget to learn a brand new piece of software for a project. In this lesson you're going to learn how to make an ocean shader from scratch. You'll gain a TON of knowledge about how shaders work in Cinema 4D that you can use to build your own custom shaders. You'll also learn how to animate waves procedurally so you won't need to use a ton of manual keyframes on something as complex as an ocean. We'll even attach an object to those waves to get it to bob up and down, just like it would in the real world. There's a lot to learn in this lesson, so grab your notepads and pay attention!

Download the water shader project file for Cinema 4D.

Download the Project