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Tutorial: Motion Design in Real Life | The Godfathers of Hardcore

By Joey Korenman
After Effects

Here are some workflow tips for After Effects and Mocha.

This was a short but REAL gig Joey did for a client. The client happens to be a bad-ass guy, Ian McFarland. He's a documentary / commercial / music-video director based out of Boston who is also a die-hard metal fan like the rest of the School of Motion team. He came to Joey recently with a small gig that needed to be done, like, yesterday. “When time is short and you have to get a good result to your client with no room for error, there are some tricks to make your life easier.” In this video I'll try to take you through the process of working on something like this, showing you a few workflows in After Effects / Mocha, and also talking about some clever ways to get to "approved" a heck of a lot faster. This work was done for the Kickstarter campaign for The Godfathers of Hardcore, a SWEET looking documentary about the legendary hardcore band, Agnostic Front.