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Tutorial: Animate a Walk Cycle in After Effects with Jenny LeClue

By Joey Korenman
After Effects

Here's how to animate a walk cycle in After Effects.

Let's walk the walk! In this lesson Joey is going to break down an character walk cycle from scratch using the Jenny LeClue rig that was generously given to us to use by Joe Russ, the creator of Jenny LeClue, and our very own Morgan Williams who did the rigging. You don't need to know anything at all about character animation to follow along with this tutorial, and this is a great skill for you to have as a Motion Designer.
Practice those walk cycle skills that you just learned on the practice rig you can download below. It may not be as fancy looking as the Jenny LeClue character that Joey uses in the lesson, but it'll get the job done.
If you really dig this lesson make sure you check out our Character Animation Bootcamp where we go in-depth with bringing characters to life. And if you're interested in how Morgan did the rigging on Jenny LeClue check out Rigging Academy.

Download the walk cycles project file for After Effects.

Download the Project
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