The Shortlist
A new way to for artists and companies to become friends :)

The Shortlist is a bi-monthly free email for anyone who hires designers & animators. Meet 10 new vetted artists each month.

We know how difficult it can be to find new talent to work with, and we're trying to make that process easier for both artists and companies. Artists can apply (for free) to be included in the email. Our team will go through their portfolios to confirm their skillset. We will collect information about what skills they have, which software they're familiar with, their location, and more. Then, twice a month, we will send out an email introducing you to 5 of these talented folks!

The Shortlist is helping staff companies like...

Can we introduce you to companies?

We get asked for talent recommendations constantly... and I mean constantly. In the time it took you to read that last sentence, someone reached out and asked us for help finding a designer or animator. If you'd like to apply to be featured in the email, click the link below to fill out a short application form.

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Would you like to meet more artists?

We know how hard it is right now to find design & animation talent, so The Shortlist is just one way we're trying to help solve the talent-gap. Click the button below to start getting twice-a-month talent intros sent directly to your inbox for free. It's like a free lunch, only without the lunch.

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[COMPANIES] Can I have more names?

We know that The Shortlist likely won't solve all of your talent-staffing issues, and we are working on some ways for companies to get more individualized recommendations. If you'd like to talk with us about how we can help you find talent in a more targeted way, reach out to us at [email protected]

[COMPANIES] How are you vetting / qualifying these artists?

Artists must apply to be featured in The Shortlist, and they provide all of the information about their skillset and software ability. Once they've applied, our team goes through each application to verify that the skills they are listing are present in their work, and that the work is of a caliber that warrants sharing them out to you.

We do not, however, verify their availability, do reference checks, or anything like that. This is strictly an introduction. "Hey Bob, meet Sally!" That sort of thing.

[ARTISTS] How do I know if I get featured?

If you are going to be featured in an email, we will let you know before that email goes out, giving you a chance to put any finishing touches on your portfolio site before companies start checking it out.

Please note that we can't guarantee a feature in The Shortlist. We get many more applicants than we can currently share out, but our goal is to eventually be able to help companies find talent in a more robust way.

[ARTISTS] Can I reapply for The Shortlist if I have new work / skills?

Yes, please do! We look at every application.

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