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Learn to Design and Animate for any medium.

Learn to Design and Animate for any medium.

Every screen in the world has content on it, and if that content moves you can bet that a Motion Designer was involved. At School of Motion our mission is to empower our students to hone their skills, grow their networks, and gain the knowledge they need to have a successful career in the field. And we do all of this through a unique blend of amazing content, an engaged community, and a staff of instructors and teaching-assistants who stand at the ready to critique your work.

What is Motion Design?

Motion Design (or Motion Graphics) is the blending of Graphic Design and Animation. It encompasses a range of styles and techniques, 2D animation, 3D animation, stop-motion, visual effects, and more. Motion Designers create content for film title sequences, cable network branding packages, explainer videos, app UI / UX prototyping and many other mediums. Our goal is to prepare you for a career in Motion Design, no matter what kind of work you want to do.

  • Title Sequences
    Title Sequences
    Jessica Jones Titles
    Imaginary Forces
  • Explainer Videos
    Explainer Videos
    Altisource Explainer
  • On-Air Branding
    On-Air Branding
    HGTV Rebrand
    Viewpoint Creative
  • UX/UI Prototyping
    UX/UI Prototyping
    Bodymovin’ Script
    aescripts + aeplugins

A different breed of online training.

At School of Motion we’re trying to reinvent the way students learn online. How? By combing the best parts of a traditional brick-and-mortar school with technology that allows our students to live anywhere in the world and receive the best Motion Design training on the planet. Whether you’re looking for some professional development to improve your skills or looking to take the first steps on your Motion Design journey, we can help you reach your goals.

Our Teaching Philosophy

We’ve built a teaching philosophy that enables us to deliver an amazing, interactive experience to any students regardless of their physical location or skill level. These are the ingredients that let us do it:

Best-in-class Content

Best-in-class Content

We devote an enormous amount of time and resources into finding and recruiting the best trainers we can find to teach our classes. We spend months planning, producing, and refining them. We beta test our courses and tweak based on real student feedback. We constantly refine our lessons and make sure that we don’t release anything unless it’s the best it can be.

In-depth Critique

In-depth Critique

Our students receive incredible training material, but that’s not enough. We insist that they use their knowledge by completing real-world homework assignments which are critiqued by our hand-picked and international team of teaching-assistants. Every single exercise a student completes receives a detailed markup to help push them to the next level. Looking to improve quickly? Getting tactical feedback is how you do it.

A welcoming Community

A welcoming Community

Ready to build your professional network? Every course we run brings together groups of students from all over the world who hang out in private Facebook groups to compare notes, share their experiences, and begin networking. Our alumni have access to our alumni group which includes thousands of artists from all over the world who have been through a School of Motion course and who routinely post job opportunities for each other. The motivation and connections that our community-based approach give you are invaluable and untouched by other learning platforms.

Thousands of students have gone through our courses. Here’s some of their feedback.

Sigrun HreinsAnimator / Designer - Hvíta húsið

I've finished the Animation Bootcamp, Design Bootcamp and Character Animation Bootcamp, and they were all fantastic. I can wholeheartedly recommend all three bootcamps, not only did they make me a much more competent animator and designer, but they also re-kindled my passion for animation and design. The lessons are fun and incredibly informative, and the teachers and TA's are very dedicated and helpful. But one of the best things is to watch your peers get better and better with each lesson and to witness the friendly atmosphere and camaraderie in the Bootcamp Facebook group. It's worth every penny.

Dorca MussebFreelance Motion Designer

I have taken courses elsewhere and nothing has compared to the experience I've had with School of Motion Bootcamps. It's not just the tutorials that help but also how responsive and engaging the classes are. Getting to talk to other students from around the world and getting their feedback and perspective make SOM bootcamps unique. The TA's are very knowledgable and extremely helpful in their feedback. The instructor was very hands on and technically experienced. He answered questions quickly and was truly engaged in all the projects and with all the students. This experience has broaden my knowledge as a designer and animator. It was worth every penny.

Brandon Van AukenMotion Designer - Freelance

Simply put, these bootcamps have made me a more confident designer and animator.
The knowledge and confidence that I've gained absolutely shines thru when it's time to tackle client, agency and personal work. It is very clear that a lot of thought and love has been put into these courses and you'll see results within the first couple of weeks. Put in the hard work and participate with the great peers you'll meet and network with. You won't regret it. Believe the hype.

Melanie ArataniMotion Designer - Freelance

School of Motion is an amazing education. Not only do you get the comfort of learning in your home, but you also get access to the expertise and feedback of professionals working in the industry. I've never experienced such vast improvement as quickly as I did in bootcamp.

Roberta SciallaArt Director - iVisionaria PreProPost Videomaking

Character Animation Bootcamp is the coolest course ever! It’s inspiring, challenging and fun. During and even better, after the course, I felt part of a family. Teachers are highly skilled and professional, always ready to answer any question and classmates are talented and enthusiastic. It’s the right place to learn every secret of Character Animation.

Leigh WilliamsonSenior Motion Designer (2D/ 3D)

Coming from a digital design background, I used to think I was a great animator.
That’s until Animation Bootcamp knocked me off my pedestal with their vast knowledge - with the help of School of Motion I was rebuilt from the ground up.
I was so ashamed of my 17 years of portfolio work, that I canned the lot and replaced it with my course homework to start. The so called “master” had once again become a student and will forever remain a humble student of the motion arts.
Since then my thirst for growth has been unquenchable, completing Character Animation Bootcamp & Cinema 4D Basecamp.
I’m so excited about all the doors my new found skills have opened and my future in the motion industry thanks to School of Motion.

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Before you jump in to our curriculum, check out our teaching style by signing up for a free student account and digging in to our massive (and growing) library of free content. Check out the School of Motion podcast or one of our many articles to dig into the industry and to find out what professional Motion Designers are doing out in the field.

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School of Motion was started in 2013. Since then our lessons have been viewed over a million times and our growing team of contributors, instructors and teaching assistants spans the globe. Every person on the School of Motion roster is dedicated to crafting the best training and the best student experiences you can find anywhere. Interested in joining our crew? Send us an e-mail to [email protected]. We’re always on the lookout.