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10 NFT Artists You’ve Never Heard Of

Emonee LaRussa

Next big breakout artists in the NFT space!

We’ve seen huge success in the NFT space, but what artists will become the next big thing? Watching an artist on the rise is awesome and even better when you’re a collector. Here are some NFT artists that should be on your radar.

There are plenty of reasons to support fellow artists in the NFT game. Not only could you say I knew that artist before they blew up, but it also helps their endeavors. More support for the work equals more eyes, which could mean more opportunities. Also if you are a collector, knowing the artist before they blow up is a huge advantage.

We’ve scanned the space to find amazing NFT artists from all over the world and curated a list of the top ones that we believe are next in line to shine!

Paulina Almira

Paulina Almira is a dynamite graphic designer and digital illustrator from the Philippines. Her dreamlike arrangements combine elements of technology, fashion, and the natural world to build surreal, playful compositions with retro-futurism as an overarching theme.


Izzakko is an artist you should keep an eye out for! She is a multimedia artist from the Bay Area, creating visually vibrant works that seek to uplift the beauty of the Black community and illustrate the Black experience. 

Ryan Hawthorne

Ryan Hawthorne has one of the most unique 3D designs that needs to be seen by the world! Ryan Hawthorne is a media artist specializing in experiential design & visual effects. Creating some of the best abstract geometric 3D designs in the space.

Lena Vargas

Lena Vargas is a super underrated artist in the NFT space. She is an established illustrator based in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, who has created some of the most creatively detailed illustrations. She has recently joined the space working with a new PFP series for Party Degenerates.


Zwist is one of those artists that you know is going to have huge success in the space! Sarah—better known as Zwist—is an 18-year-old Asian American artist based in the Midwest specializing in both digital illustration and traditional painting.

Lana Denina

Lana Denina is an artist in the space we are starting to see blow up! She is a Montreal based painter of Beninese and French origin. Her art explores human relationships, morphological diversity and body movements. Combining digital art and painting, she illustrates the different cultures that surround her by taking a unique and personal approach. She believes in the representation of people of color in contemporary art, more particularly Black culture.

EJ Hassenfratz

The amazing, the great, EJ Hassenfratz! EJ not only has amazing tutorials and is a SOM alumni but has a super rad NFT series that you may not have heard of! EJ is a multi-Emmy winning freelance motion design artist who uses 2D style animations made in the world 3D!

Klara Vollstaedt

Klara Vollstaedt is the artist that will create waves! Klara Vollstaedt is a trans-fem artist based in Canada whose work explores identity, loss, connection, and relationships within a digital world. Primarily her work exists in the 3D digital medium, & her interests include animation and character design. Her work has been presented to galleries across North America.

Emma Vauloup

You have to check out Emma Vauloup, a digital illustrator from France. She's inspired by what comes around her as a young person in this world. She loves to play with colors, different gradients and textures.

Ed Balloon

Ed Balloon is for the people! If you haven’t heard his name, you’ve probably heard his voice! Ed is such a huge part of the NFT community and we know he’s going to be the next big star! Recently he created “The Run Ed Collection” combining stop-motion with his amazing musical talents! 

The goal in this is to not only highlight these amazing artists, but also to shine a light on representation in the space. The NFT world gets so much better every day when amazing artists like these join the conversation! We can’t wait to see what they have in store for the future!

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