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10 Incredible Futuristic UI Reels

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Check out these futuristic UI/HUD reels for inspiration.

One of our favorite trends in the Motion Graphics world is the evolution of the UI/HUD style. UI interfaces have been going though a bit of a resurgence recently so we thought it’d be fun to share a few of our favorite projects from recent years. These are the very best UI reels in the world.

Your UI has 100 layers?... That's cute.


Created By: Ernex

Let’s kick off the list with this gem from Ernex. This reel is comprised of UI elements for the game Need for Speed. It’s a great reminder that MoGraph extends far beyond just the film and TV world.


Created By: GMUNK

There’s few people in the world consistently putting out world-class work like GMUNK. G-Money was tasked with creating UI elements for the film Oblivion. And while we certainly can’t speak to the quality of the film, the UI displays were ahead of their time.


Created By: Territory

Territory is a powerhouse in the futuristic UI space. But when Joss Whedon asks you to develop UI elements for the biggest action movie in decades you better bring your A-game. Territory went above and beyond and created some incredible new graphics that would make any MoGraph artist emotional.


Created By: Byron Slaybaugh

UI development isn’t just about adding in as many virtual greebles as possible. When developing UIs, concepts like follow through and squash and stretch can help propel the interface and make the entire project feel more smooth. This project for Splinter Cell is a great example of motivated actions in UI design.


Art Direction: Chris Kieffer

For a myriad of reasons Westworld is a great show for Motion Design and VFX lovers. The entire show takes place in a futuristic world so there is UI interfaces everywhere. This reel is a great example UIs that tell a story rather than just look pretty.


Created By: Territory

From the costume design to the 3D worlds, Guardians of the Galaxy was a film with a completely different look than traditional sci-fi films. The UI is no exception. This reel from Territory showcases some of the bright and quirky color pallets used in the film.


Created By: Ennis Schäfer

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you could generate futuristic UIs from your hands? Ennis Schäfer did just that and put together this UI experiment using a Leapmotion Controller. The entire project took information from his hand movements to generate the design. This guy sounds like a real-life Tony Stark.


Created By: Ernex

When you think of James Bond you probably think of class and sophistication. So when Ernex created the UI for Spectre they brought these themes together with pinpoint precision. This reel is best watched with a medium dry martini, lemon peel. Shaken, not stirred.


Created By: Ash Thorp

Now we move on to the UI designer everyone’s been waiting for. Ash Thorp is a Motion Design legend. His work is instantly recognizable and he could certainly be credited with contributing to the current UI style in film, TV, and gaming. Here’s a project he did for Assassin's Creed:


Created By: Ash Thorp

As the creative world has become more saturated with UI projects it’s essential for artists to innovate and push the envelope. This project from Ash proves that he's capable of changing and adapting depending on the clients demands.


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