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2023 in Review: Motion Design Tools, Trends, AI, the Economy, and more!

School of Motion

Get ready for the School of Motion's annual end-of-the-year podcast extravaganza, featuring an epic and record-breaking discussion...for real—this episode is nearly 7 hours long!

In this episode, we dive into the wild year that was, marked by economic upheaval, the emergence of new tools, the rise of AI, and more, all impacting the world of motion design.

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Joining the conversation are industry experts including EJ Hassenfratz, Ryan Summers, Austin Bauwens, Amanda Russell, Sekani Solomon, Marina Nakagawa, Jonathan Winbush, Nick Forshee, Justin Cone, Joe Nash, Chad Ashley, Kelsey Brannan, and Hayley Akins.

This podcast covers everything, so be prepared for multiple listens as you gain insights into the state of motion design in 2023 and a glimpse into what lies ahead in 2024. Strap in and enjoy the ride!

Explore some of our favorite mograph things of 2023:

Joey's Best of Mograph 2023

U2 at The Sphere

Coca-Cola Masterpiece

Ozone Trailer

Meet Web 5


EJ's Best of Mograph 2023



Ryan's Best of Mograph 2023


Brand New School: Cafe Bustelo

Dixon Baxi: Premiere League Design + Motion

Passion Pictures: Gorillaz Skinny Ape Interactive Performance in Times Square

Toy Story Funday Football

An Animated Behind-the-Scenes Look at ESPN's Toy Story Funday Football - D23

Roelof Knol: Interactive Projection Mapping

Kris Theorin: Viral Phone Animations

We think it's worth listening to the whole enchilada, but if there's something particular that catches your fancy, here's every topic covered in this epic episode:

Intro 00:00:00

The Pod Begins 00:01:35

School of Motion Update 00:03:09

How was 2023? 00:05:49

Our Favorite Work from 2023 00:17:19

Artists & Studios Making Waves 00:39:08

Mergers & Acquisitions 01:03:57

2023 Economy 01:07:43

Apple Vision Pro 01:13:35I

Industry Events 01:21:38

Adobe + Figma Deal 01:33:39

The Vegas Sphere 01:40:43

Beeple Studios 01:44:59

WGA and SAG Strikes 01:49:35

Art Institute Closing 01:55:12

Motion as a Subscription Service 02:00:38

New M3 Macs 02:14:16

After Effects Updates 02:18:21

The 3D World 02:29:17

Unreal Engine 02:43:49

Other Tools 02:56:13

Rive 03:00:39

Procreate Dreams 03:07:56

NFTs 03:15:45

The Scary World of AI 03:28:55

AI Enhanced Tools 03:50:06

Photoshop Generative Fill 03:57:12

Canva AI 04:04:12

Spline 3D 04:06:23

AI as the Render Engine 04:08:05

More AI Tools 04:14:17

AI for VFX 04:19:01

Image + Video Generative AI's 04:24:58

Is AI Ethical? 04:29:59

ControlNet is Amazing 04:37:42

AI Generated Video 04:45:52

Gaussian Splatting 05:04:14

AI Legal Issues 05:11:20

AI Doom and Gloom 05:20:35

The Economy, Stupid 05:33:57

2024 Predictions 06:01:24

And finally, some overly gratuitous shownotes:

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EJ Hassenfratz

Ryan Summers

Austin Bauwens

Amanda Russell

Sekani Solomon

Marina Nakagawa

Jonathan Winbush

Nick Forshee

Justin Cone

Joe Nash

Chad Ashley

Hayley Akins

Kelsey (Premiere Gal)

Barton Damer

Louis Wes

Sara Beth Morgan

Zak Lovatt

Don Allen

Drug Free Dave

Eve Paints

Southern Shotty

Troy Browne

Emanuele Colombo

Catharine Pitt

François Lefebvre


Roelof Knol

Stephan Bischof

Kris Theorin

David Ariew


Jake Bartlett

Aaron Blaise

Alex Grigg

Nick Greenawalt

Rowan Cheung

Caleb Ward

Steve Talkowski





Already Been Chewed

Lovatt Studio

Bad Decisions Studio

VUCKO Tidal Motion

BUFF Motion


Club Camping

Cub Studio

Academy Films

Electric Theatre Collective


Brand New School



Beeple Studios



Ravie Studio Reel

Already Been Chewed Reel

Between The Lines

Behind The Sauce

Man Orders Coffee with AR Headset

Marco Brambilla Animates the MSG Sphere for U2 Las Vegas Residency

Laundry Studio Vegas Sphere Launch

David Ariew Coca Cola Pour for the Las Vegas Sphere



Pudgy Penguins

Wanderers Promo on X

Non_Interactive – Software & ML

Runway Samples by Rowan Cheung

Star Wars by Wes Anderson Trailer | The Galactic Menagerie

Lord of the Rings by Wes Anderson Trailer | The Whimsical Fellowship

Heavenly Vessel

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