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Action VFX is Giving Away Free VFX Elements

By School of Motion

Action VFX is giving you an early birthday present. Download their collection of free VFX assets.

Between software, plugins, and digital assets it can be pretty darn expensive to keep your digital library up-to-date with the latest tools. So instead of highlighting paid products, today we wanted to share a super sweet collection of free assets.
It's kinda like free money. Cool!
The tools come courtesy of Action VFX and they’re completely free to you as a Motion Designer and VFX Artist. The cool thing is these assets are actually free, no watermarks or any shenanigans like that...

Free Action VFX Elements

The free collection consists of a lot of different video clips, images, and sound effects for VFX projects. We’ll let you take a look at the full collection, but in a nutshell the library consists of:
  • Bullet Shells
  • Dust Waves
  • Explosion Sound Effects
  • Burn Mark Textures
  • Blood Mist
  • Bullet Hits Sound Effects
  • Bullet Hole Textures
  • Dirt Overlays
  • Smoke Plumes
  • Fractured Glass Textures
Here’s a quick video demo from the free blood mist pack.
Needless to say this is a lot safer than working with live squibs on set. We don’t want to repeat what happened last time…
Tombstone for Gary.jpg
RIP Gary the Stuntman.
It should also be noted that all of these elements were shot on RED. So, you know, they’re fancy…

Everything 50% Off at Action VFX

Action VFX Logo Action Elements.jpg
In a big announcement today Action VFX has dropped the price of their packs by 50% permanently. So when you’re ready to give your project the epic explosion it deserves go check ‘em out.
Also, while you’re there go subscribe to their YouTube channel. They regularly post VFX tutorials on compositing, color grading, and node-based workflows. And don’t you think it’s about time you learned a node-based software like Nuke or Fusion?
I have node-idea what's going on here...