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Add Motion to Your Design Toolkit - Adobe MAX 2020

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Adobe MAX 2020 may be over, but we've got videos from some amazing speakers to keep that inspiration going through the holidays

The first ever virtual, global Adobe MAX is over, and we were fortunate to play a small role in sharing stories and inspiration with the Motion Design Community. Since we're all about sharing the best info for free, we've got a few videos from the conference to drop right here.  


First up is CEO and Founder of School of Motion, Joey Korenman, to talk about the ins and outs of the motion design industry, and why you should add motion to your toolkit.

If you’re a UI / UX Designer looking to add motion to your bag o’ tricks, if you’re a graphic designer looking to expand, or if you’re a video editor who wants to better understand the world of After Effects, this video is for you. Joey talks about the evolution of this discipline into the global industry it has become. Pull up a chair and grab some sunscreen for that noggin. It's time to talk about the fantastic world of Motion Design.

Add Motion to Your Design Toolkit

Looking to get started in Motion Design?

If that video got you fired up, maybe it's time for you to dive a little deeper into Motion Design. Maybe—dare we say it—you should learn how to do all of this yourself. Now we know how scary it is to learn new things (we were raised on the abacus and we're not tangling with no fancy calculators), so we put together a FREE course to get you introduced to our world: The Path to MoGraph.

In this short 10-day course you'll get an in-depth look at what it takes to be a Motion Designer. Along the way, you'll learn about the software, principles, and techniques used in the field through in-depth case-studies and tons of bonus material.

If you're ready to jump in and learn the real tools and techniques for animation, we've got a course designed just for you: Animation Bootcamp.

Animation Bootcamp teaches you the art of beautiful movement. In this course, you'll learn the principles behind great animation, and how to apply them in After Effects.

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