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From Red Giant to Unreal Engine: Aharon Rabinowitz on the State of Mograph

School of Motion

In this week's School of Motion Podcast, Joey sits down with our very own Aharon Rabinowitz, who looks back on his journey into the world of motion graphics and animation — and the potential future ahead.

A few of the topics covered in this episode:

⚔️ Blender vs. Cinema 4D

Blender is on the rise as a powerful, free 3D tool, challenging the dominance of Cinema 4D. While Blender's capabilities expand, many professionals still hesitate due to reliability and support concerns. The big question: Will Blender eventually outpace Cinema 4D?

🔥 Unreal Engine’s Impact on Motion Design

Unreal Engine is revolutionizing motion design with real-time rendering and advanced interactions. Its speed and efficiency make it a top choice for creating dynamic, time-sensitive graphics, such as sports visuals. Can Unreal Engine do it all better, faster, and cheaper than the alternatives?

☄️ From Small Beginnings to Recognition at Red Giant

Aharon’s journey with Red Giant started with limited resources and evolved into Hollywood recognition. Their dedication to quality storytelling, despite initial constraints, attracted talents like Patton Oswalt. So how did a small company like Red Giant make such a big impact on the industry?

Dive into the full episode to explore these insights and more, straight from one of the industry's most innovative minds.

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