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Beyond the Basics of After Effects - Adobe MAX 2020

By Kyle Hamrick
After Effects

Adobe MAX 2020 may be over, but we've got videos from some amazing speakers to keep that inspiration going through the holidays

The first ever virtual, global Adobe MAX is over, and we were fortunate to play a small role in sharing stories and inspiration with the Motion Design Community. Since we're all about sharing the best info for free, we've got a few videos from the conference to drop right here.
To be a better animator, you need to practice and build good habits. It's easy to open up After Effects and just start messing around (and we recommend it), but you owe it to yourself to discover a smooth, efficient workflow. That's why we're all about sharing tips from professionals that you can use today.
In this session aimed at intermediate After Effects users, our Senior Motion Designer Kyle Hamrick will teach you some awesome tricks to up your motion design game! Preproduction & concepting, cross-app Adobe workflow, and pro efficiency tips await!
Grab a bushel of pumpkin pie flavored jelly beans and get ready to level jump your motion game. We're going beyond the basics with Kyle Hamrick.

Beyond the Basics of After Effects

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