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Branding Reel Inspiration

By Caleb Ward

Lose yourself with these amazing brand identity reels.

As a Motion Artist there’s few things I love more than watching branding reels. In fact, if I had to rate things that I love branding reels would fall somewhere between Taco Tuesday and the smell of old libraries.
Branding is where art and utility collide to create functional design. To be good at branding you need to be able to understand the way in which humans perceive information. So it’s no surprise that a new branding identity can take months to create.
We thought it’d be fun to put together a roundup of some of our favorite branding reels from around the industry. If you have any that you’d like to submit for future posts please send ‘em our way.

The Magic of Branding

Before we dive into the reels themselves check out this essay on branding. The amount of visual language in this piece is overwhelming. Great work from David Brier.


Troika is the very definition of a branding company. For years the team at Troika has been creating incredible broadcast identities for the largest entertainment companies in the world.

ABC Brand Identity - 2001

While this is certainly not indicative of Troika’s present work, this identity created in 2001 was years ahead of it’s time. Do you remember how awesome these graphics were in 2001?


The majority of Troika’s branding work is done for streaming and broadcast channels. As a consistent client of the CW, Troika has been evolving their brand over the last few years. Look at the Sci-fi symbolism in this year’s update.

Hulu Rebrand

You know that new gradient-based look on Hulu? Troika did that too.


Another huge agency in the world of Motion Design branding is Gretel. Gretel has done branding for Netflix, Viceland, and MoMA among other huge clients. Gretel's branding tends to be edgier than most agencies which leads to some awesome brand reels.


Here’s a rebrand they did for IFC. All of those secondary animations really add up to create something awesome.
If you want to see more branding work go check out Troika and Gretel’s websites. Their case studies are phenomenal. We'll do a post on case-studies in the future.
Well that’s probably enough branding inspiration for today so I’m gonna leave you with my favorite brand parody video.