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You Can Now Vote on New Adobe Features

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Adobe has released a new system for fixing bugs and adding features to the Creative Cloud.

Adobe has recently released a lot of major updates to the applications in the Creative Cloud. The new updates have received a lot of positive feedback from the community. Features like Master Properties and the new puppet tool are getting the majority of the praise. However, there's a new feature that has flown under the radar that is certainly going to change the future of Adobe applications...

The Exciting Adobe News!

Adobe overhauled how the community can provide feedback when it comes to ‘Feature Requests’ and ‘Bug Reports’.

With this update, Adobe has launched a new webpage to voice concerns, vote on user submitted topics, and submit issues you have with software. This new platform, hosted on User Voice, places the power for change into the community’s hands in a way like never before. This gives YOU the ability to shape the future of the Creative Cloud.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 11.38.20 AM.png
So many ideas!

Why is this New Bug/Feature System Important?

Every Creative Cloud update brings new features, enhancements, and a host of new issues that need to be addressed. As a user you now have an opportunity to shine a light on the problems we face within these applications.

I know it's hard to believe, but the Creative Cloud isn't developed by highly-developed alien overlords. Instead there are people around the world that work to make the applications the best they can be and they love feedback from the community. This new tool allows you to talk to them directly.

Now, let’s equip you with insight and help you become Bug Squashing Commandos!

What's a Bug ?

A bug is an issue that causes an application to crash or produce an incorrect output. Some bugs cripple your program and others are just slight annoyances. Bugs typically live within the source code of the program and when something unexpected happens you are seeing a result of internal conflict.

What is a feature?

A feature is a new tool or function in an application. Notable features over the last few years have been Master Properties, the Warp Stabilizer, and Cineware. Features help your application do something new.

How to Report a Bug

Reporting a bug is simple simple! When your application crashes use the new Adobe User Voice platform to write up the issues you are having and send it off for the development team to tackle.

Some simple ways to help the folks over at Adobe are to include what operating system you were using during the issue, hardware specification, and it'd be really helpful to explain how the bug can be replicated.

Support Page.png
It's already working!


Let’s say you are going about your business, smashing deadlines, and all of a sudden BOOM! You think, “It'd be so nice if After Effects could do _____!” Congratulations, you've just thought of a feature request.

You can submit a feature request by using Adobe's user voice page to share your idea. Other artists can use this portal to vote on your feature suggestion.


If you have an idea or bug head over to to start the submission process. Feature requests and bug reports from other users can be found here as well. When you go to submit feedback make sure to search through previous posts for similar ideas before posting.The development team wants to know WHY this feature is important, and WHY it will enhance the given program. So, when moving forward to provide feedback try and include these items:

  • Feature Name
  • What it Should Do
  • What Workflow Problem Would This Fix

Once you've sent in your request you can even share it across your social network. This will help raise awareness and gather support from others in your community.


We're all about making our creative applications the best they can be. So we want to encourage you to submit bugs and feature requests through the new submission portal. Hooray for teamwork!


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