Announcing Character Design Fundamentals: Unleash Your Imagination and Bring Characters to Life

School of Motion

Ready to crack the code on crafting characters that pop off the page and come alive on screen?

If you're a design pro on the hunt for advanced skills, or a newcomer eager for a rock-solid start in character creation, "Character Design Fundamentals" is your next move. We're stoked to announce the release of this sought-after self-paced course...your dynamic roadmap for turning ideas into vivid, memorable characters.

🏆 Guidance from a Pro

Enter Emma Gillette, your course leader and seasoned illustrator. With a portfolio filled with work for National Geographic, Disney, and American Girl, Emma brings her vast experience and fervor for character creation straight to you. This course isn't just about learning techniques; it's about discovering the joy in creating.

👀 Inside the Course

Get ready to dive deep. We start with the psychology that hooks your audience to your characters, making them unforgettable. Emma breaks down the essentials—Shape Language, Anatomy, and Motif—setting a solid base for your designs. Whether you're a Procreate wizard or prefer another tool, this course is a goldmine of skills ready for the taking. "Character Design Fundamentals" is hands-on, pushing you to apply new skills through practical exercises and challenges.

✍🏻 Beyond Basics

Gear up to tackle advanced topics like crafting professional model sheets for 2D and 3D animation, tailoring your work to meet project demands, and mastering color theory and rendering. This course preps you to not just create characters but to ready them for any animation style.

✅ Why Enroll?

There's more to character design than meets the eye—it's storytelling, emotion, and connection rolled into one. Looking to boost your portfolio, switch careers, or simply delve deeper into character creation? "Character Design Fundamentals" lays out a complete path to your goals. Learn to carve out your unique brand, animate your stories for explainer videos, social media, or games, and unlock new opportunities in entertainment, advertising, and beyond. This course is your ticket to broadening your design scope, upping your professional game, and turning your visions into reality.

This instant-access course comes packed with video lessons, podcasts, PDFs, and more—all tailored to fit your learning pace and schedule. And with extra content on career opportunities in character design, you're not just learning—you're gearing up to excel.

🚨 Launch Alert!

Head over to the course page and dive in. Let's unleash your imagination and bring YOUR characters to life.

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