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Collin Leix from Gunner on the Intersection of Artistry and VR Innovation

School of Motion

Dive into the latest episode of the School of Motion Podcast as we hang out with Collin Leix, the brilliant mind blending traditional artistry with the limitless possibilities of VR.

Collin Leix was a full time animator at Gunner, now part of the innovative crew at one of the hottest tech company's around, Duolingo. She blew us away at the last Blend conference with her radical VR sculptures, and she’s here to spill the beans on everything from her fine art and music roots to her cutting-edge VR projects and AI insights.

Here are some takeaways from our chat with Collin that you'll want to scribble down:

1. Mastering Multiple Mediums  🖼️

From sculpting to strumming on musical instruments, Collin’s a creative jack-of-all-trades. Mixing it up across different artistic domains hasn't just broadened her horizons—it's turbocharged her creative output. Ready to mix up your game? Dive into different mediums and watch your creativity soar.

2. Finding Your Creative Voice  💬

Ever feel drowned out by the noise of what everyone else thinks? Collin’s been there. Turning down the volume on external expectations to crank up her inner creative monologue was a game changer. Listen in—your own voice might just be what you need to hear.

3. Navigating Client Expectations with Artistic Freedom  ⚖️

Striking a balance between your wildest artistic impulses and the client’s brief can feel like walking a tightrope. Collin’s trick? Trust your gut, let ideas flow naturally, and remember—communication is key.

4. Big Ideas from Blue Sky Thinking  🌤️

At Gunner, no idea is too out there. Brainstorming sessions that welcome every thought lead to groundbreaking projects. Collin reminds us that making time for blue sky thinking can plant the seeds for tomorrow’s visual feasts.

Catch the full episode  to soak in more of Collin’s insights and see how she’s carving out new paths at the intersection of art and VR. Whether you're sketching, sculpting, or setting scenes in virtual space, remember: blending your passions with technology can lead to some seriously epic creations.

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