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Tutorial: Basic Color Theory Tips in After Effects

By Joey Korenman
After Effects

Here are some color theory tips.

Every Motion Designer needs to know a little bit of color theory. With more MoGraphers than ever being self taught a lot you might not know the first thing about color theory. Today we're going to fix that. In this lesson Joey is going to show you his favorite color tips and tricks to get you going in the right direction with color. You'll cover a ton of stuff like how to avoid "buzzing" colors, to using Kuler inside of After Effects to work up a palette, using a "value-check" layer, and color-correcting a composite. This lesson is jam-packed with tips you can use right away in your work. If you want to take your designs to the next level and really get an in-depth look at how to use color and value in your work make sure you check out our Design Bootcamp course. You can find more info on that in the Resources tab.

Download the color theory project file for After Effects.

Download the Project
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