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Motion Design Inspiration: Amazing Conference Titles

Caleb Ward

Check out these amazing conference titles and get inspired!

What if you could do a Motion Design project without any rules? You don’t have to sell anything. You don’t have to follow a branding guide. The goal is to just create something awesome. Wouldn't that be awesome?Designing conference titles is a little like that. Conference titles give Motion Designers freedom to create amazing works of art and show off their skills. It seems like every week there’s a new, incredible conference title video that sets the MoGraph world on fire, so we thought it’d be fun to create a list of some of our favorites. If you have any that you would like to nominate to the list send ‘em our way and we’ll include them in the inevitable sequel.


Designed By: Gunner

Google is known for their fun and minimal design with tons of visual language. So when Gunner was tapped to create the titles for the Google’s Horizon Conference you know incredible things were going to happen. These titles are a wonderful blend of 2D and 3D Motion Design.

BLEND 2017

Designed By: Oddfellows

If you’re creating the titles for a Motion Design conference they have to be good, but that's no problem for Oddfellows. The team put together this 2D dandy for Blend 2017. The conference was amazing btw... you have to go next year!


Designed By: Wix In-House Team

We love strange MoGraph stuff here at School of Motion and these titles created for OFFFTLV definitely fall into the super weird/fantastic category. The vid features some pretty dope dynamics work. This was actually created by the in-house creative team at Wix, yep, that Wix. They make website platforms and amazing MoGraph work. Who knew?!


Designed By: Red Paper Heart

The titles for the FITC conference are always amazing, but there is something just enchanting about this year’s titles. The whole thing features around simulated stained glass, but even more impressive is the fact that the entire thing was shot in-camera. I kid you not. They used transparent LED screens to create the glass effect. These are amazing times we're living in folks.

We’ve only scratched the surface of the amazing conference titles out there. We’ll put together another list of amazing titles in the future, but for now go check out the conference titles section of Vimeo. You can thank me later.

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