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Tutorial: Animate like Cyriak Part Duex | Hands & Eyes & Mouths

By Joey Korenman
After Effects

Here are some techniques you can use to create animations like Cyriak.

If you're looking to master the art of strange things in After Effects then look no father than Cyriak's work. He is the master of weird, and there's nothing that makes Joey smile more than watching Cyriak animate a cow turning into a spider. Seriously, that happens. In this lesson Joey is going to break down another one of Cyriak's strange creations to show you one way that you can create something unique and strange in After Effects. Sometimes there is no plugin, it's just hard work and brute force, and that's exactly what this lesson is going to take. Make sure you check out the Resources tab to see all of Cyriak's weird creations on his YouTube channel, including the piece that we'll be re-creating in this tutorial.

Download the cyriak face project file for After Effects.

Download the Project
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