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Design That Sells: Unpacking the Magic of Web + Motion with Ran Segall

School of Motion

Dive into web design with full-stack designer turned founder Ran Segall, as he dishes out on blending aesthetics, functionality, and business strategy to skyrocket your design approach.

Get ready to elevate your design game with this can't-miss episode of the School of Motion Podcast, where Joey chats with the charismatic Ran Segall. They dissect the essentials of web design, showing you how top-notch design isn't just about looking good—it's about making businesses boom. From e-commerce hacks to building trust through pixels, this episode is chock-full of design-related gems.

Check out the full episode:

Key Takeaways from Ran Segall

  • 💨  Make It Snappy and Snazzy: Ran drills down on why killer design needs to be as functional as it is eye-catching. Remember, if your site’s a chore to use, no one’s going to shop. Make it snappy, make it easy, and reap the positive impact on your conversions.
  • 💼  Get the Business Scoop: To design a website that really works, you need to think like a business strategist. What’s the end game for the site? Is it about clicks, carts, or calls? As Ran says, "Most websites aren't just sitting pretty—they're working hard!"
  • 💪🏻  Bulk Up Your Design Muscles: The more skills you have, the better you survive. Stretch beyond your comfort zone—learn about SEO, dive into copywriting, and master conversion tactics. More skills mean more clout, and that's how you become indispensable.
  • ⚒️  Tool Up for Triumph: Embrace the tech that takes your design to the next level. Ran’s big on tools like Webflow and savvy animations that make sites sing without the coding sting. "Understanding the tools of the trade can make or break your designs," he says, urging designers to mix tech savvy with creative flair.

Gear up, dive deep, and unleash the power of design that delivers real business results. 🙌🏻

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