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Forward Motion: Our Commitment to the Community Never Ends

School of Motion

School of Motion was founded on the idea of breaking down barriers to the Motion Design industry. We are committed to a community where everyone feels welcome and has a level playing field.

Since the founding of School of Motion, our mission has been to break down the barriers into the Motion Design industry. We’ve been aware and vocal about the lack of diversity in Motion Design, however we realize that there is more we could have done. We have a platform, and with a platform comes responsibility.

As a place of learning, our doors are open to all, but there are communities that remain blocked for one reason or another. We want to break down more than just the financial barriers that keep people from pursuing their dreams. We want to help foster a much more diverse community in Motion Design. We want to raise up voices who have not had an easy time being heard. We want to make this industry more accessible to all.

Our Commitment to Learning

At School of Motion, we are lucky to have a growing, engaged, and diverse community from all over the world. As a place of learning in the Motion Design Community, we care deeply about educating ourselves, sharing what we learn, and growing with you.

To that end, we are educating ourselves on how we can create lasting change in our company and the industry. While we are actively looking, we are also aware of our own limitations; to put in plainly, we don't yet know what we don't know.

We are asking our community to help guide the conversation and the education, not just for School of Motion but for the industry as a whole. We are joining many of our peers in the industry in making a commitment to actively grow and change.

Our Commitment to Sharing

Right now, it feels difficult to say anything at all; you don't want to rush out and say the wrong thing, and you don't just want to say the "right thing" and call it a day. We want to take care with our words, but more so we want to back them up with action. It's about committing to do more moving forward, and to keep that momentum for the long-term.

The Motion Design Community is much larger than the School of Motion. However, we recognize that we have a platform in the community, and we have a commitment to our students and followers all over the world. For that reason, we want to continue to build on this forward momentum. A pledge is a commitment; a solemn promise. It starts with a post, but it should continue with action and accountability. We've asked our team what they have pledged to move forward, and we’d love to hear yours as well.

Our Commitment to Growing

We hope you'll continue the conversation with us by making a pledge to forward motion in whatever way you feel you can. If you want to make that pledge online, we've put together an easy, editable project file for your use.


To make this as customizable and accessible as possible, included in this download are an After Effects template, a Premiere file with included .mogrt templates, and a Photoshop template. Currently, these files work only in the 2020 versions of each app, and only for the English versions of AE/Premiere. We are continuing to explore ways to provide this template with maximum accessibility, so please check back soon for expanded options.  

It's our hope that you'll use it for a positive, uplifting commitment. Let’s keep this momentum going!

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