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Tutorial: Hand Animated Effects in Adobe Animate

By Sara Wade
After Effects

Hand drawn effects can be easy, very easy in fact.

In this lesson Sara Wade is going to take you through all of the basics you need to know to be able to get going in Adobe Animate.
You'll create a variety of vector effects that you can use to give your animations that little bit of extra pizazz that make people go "Wow, how did they do that!?" And did we mention that these are vector, as in fully scaleable, super light weight, easy to draw and easy to use? That's right. All of those great benefits of the vector format blended seamlessly with that hand drawn feel right in Adobe Animate. Pretty slick, huh? We'll then take those effects from Animate and composite them into our scene in After Effects to finish out our project. So grab a drawing tablet, or your mouse, and get ready to get animating!

Download the hand animated effects project for After Effects.

Download the Project