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Designing the Future: A Deep Dive with John LePore on Motion and Design Trends

School of Motion

Creative legend John LePore joins us on the podcast! Join us as we dive deep into current and future trends in motion and design.

If you're not familiar with the name John LePore, you're almost certainly familiar with his work. John has made creative contributions to Marvel Studios' Black Panther, the Hummer EV, and Pixar’s Lightyear. He has worked on over 25 Marvel Studios films, including designing the Marvel Studios logo! We were stoked to have him on the pod, as we explored John's illustrious career and his insights on designing the future:

If you're short on time, here are a few of our favorite takeaways...

🙏🏻 Find Appreciative Clients‍

John highlights the game-changing difference appreciative clients make. When clients value your motion design work, the project dynamic shifts, making the work more fulfilling and inspiring. When vetting potential clients, look for those who show a genuine interest in your creative process and past projects.

🤝 Provide Value and Become a Partner‍

Instead of just trying to please clients, aim to become a partner who guides them in creating value. This shift enhances satisfaction for both parties and strengthens client relationships. Position yourself as a consultant and collaborator—offer insights and show how your work can add long-term value.

🛠️ Leverage Your Existing Toolset‍

As motion designers and 3D artists, you already have most of the tools needed to bring concepts to life as physical products or immersive experiences. Use your current skills and software to explore new areas like product design. Experiment with blending motion design with other disciplines.

⛑️ Emphasize Safety and Empathy‍

Safety is crucial but often overlooked, especially in fields like automotive design. Empathy is key to creating user-friendly and safe designs. Make safety a priority in your designs and consider the end-user’s experience. Engage in empathetic design practices to create intuitive and safe interfaces.

🔄 Adapt to Evolving Technologies‍

Motion design is always evolving with new tools and tech. Staying relevant means constantly adapting and exploring innovative solutions. Keep up with the latest advancements in motion design tools and technologies. Spend time learning and experimenting with new techniques to keep your skills fresh and innovative.

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