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Tutorial: Making Giants Part 4 | The Building

By Joey Korenman
Cinema 4D

Creating a building in Cinema 4D.

In Part 3 we built out a desert scene that can serve at the environment for our little film. With some lighting, some nice textures, and a little compositing magic it looks pretty good! Now, let's create that big ol' building that's going to serve as the Goliath in our story.
We're going to plan out the building in Illustrator, model it up in Cinema 4D, and then give it a nice texture.
You'll learn a lot of modeling tricks in this video, plus get a good look at the workflow that Joey used to go from Illustrator to Cinema 4D. Creating this building took some time, so you'll also see a lot of sped-up sections where he tweaks texture settings forever to try and get the look he’s after. Tons of stuff to learn in this one!

Download the making giants building project file for Cinema 4D.

Download the Project
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