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Tutorial: Making Giants Part 8 | The Composite

By Joey Korenman

Now that we've got over a thousand rendered frames...

What the heck do we do with 'em? We can't just throw them into the cut and call it a day can we?
Nearly every 3D render you do will go through a compositing step to get that final polish.We rendered out all kinds of passes. Shadow, Ambient Occlusion, Reflection, Specular... and now we're going to take those passes into Nuke to beautify the crap out of our images.
Nuke is amazing at stuff like this and now you can get a FREE copy of Nuke Non-Commercial to play around with!  If you're a School of Motion VIP member, you can download the EXR sequences from Giants to play around with or follow along.
At the end of this episode, you'll even get to see a 95% picture-locked version of the film. Holy crap, we've come a long way.
Every episode of Making Giants comes with the most up-to-date projects and assets so you can follow along or break apart anything that isn't covered in the videos.
Note: The EXR sequences are MASSIVE. Once you download this episode's package of files, you can then open a text file with links to download individual shots' EXR sequences separately. There are nearly 100 gigs of files in total, so this time I'll let you download just what you want.

Download the making giants composite 1 project files.

Download the Project
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