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Tutorial: Making Giants Part 10 | Sound Design

By Joey Korenman
Premiere Pro

Learn the power of sound.

It's a shame that we can spend 9 episodes talking about the visuals for "Giants" and only one on the sound, but unfortunately that's pretty much par for the course as far as sound is concerned.  It's often left until the end of the process when, in fact, sound is responsible for half OR MORE of the emotional impact of your work.
In this episode we combine VO, Music, and Sound Effects to create an audio-arc for our film.
There is a TON crammed into this episode, and hopefully you'll come away with some insight into how you might approach sound in your own work.  At the end of this episode... you can see the final film.  We'll be releasing the film on it's own and setting up a proper page for it on the site soon, but I hope it's been an inspiring and informative process for you to follow along with me on this adventure.
Check out the episode notes for links to all of the resources I mention in this episode.  And make sure to download the project files so you can see first-hand the power of a little sound design and some basic mixing.
Thanks for riding along!
Every episode of Making Giants comes with the most up-to-date projects and assets so you can follow along or break apart anything that isn't covered in the videos.
The sound effects for this episode have been pre-mixed for you to download. We can't give away sound effects that are being sold commercially, but you can at least hear them in context and play with mix settings.

Download the making giants sound project file for Premiere Pro.

Download the Project
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