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Tutorial: Making Giants Part 2 | The Edit

By Joey Korenman
Cinema 4DPremiere Pro

Here's the process of creating an animatic.

Welcome to the second part of our short film making journey. This time we’re going to be doing a very important step in the process, cutting an animatic. It’s easy to get ahead of yourself when you’ve got an idea that you love, but how do you know if that idea is even going to work, or what it’s going to look like? That’s why the animatic is so important. 
In this video we will block out the shots in Cinema 4D, rendering out some previz-style playblasts that we can then import into Premiere for editing. We’ll create an animatic that will serve as the framework to start animating and creating final shots.

Download the making giants edit project file for Cinema 4D.

Download the Project
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