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Tutorials: Making Giants Part 6 | The Vines

By Joey Korenman
Cinema 4D

Let's learn how to create the vines for our project.

Last time we met, in Part 5, made a fully rigged, textured, and animated flower.  If you thought that was complicated, wait to you get a load of this vine nonsense. Organic things that grow are notoriously tough to animate. One-size-fits-all solutions don't really work. In this video, Joey will do his best to show you a how each shot needs to be considered as a separate challenge. We can't just use a "grow vines" plugin...we need to think about simulation and render times, level of detail, how complex does each shot need to be in terms of animation, etc... There's a lot to think about. We get pretty deep into X-Particles in this episode. Check out the resources tab to  download a free demo of the plugin to play around with if you're following along.

Download the making giants vines project file for Cinema 4D.

Download the Project
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