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Designing the Super Bowl in Unreal Engine: In the Trenches with Marcos Vaz

School of Motion

Using Unreal Engine to design a graphics package for the biggest sporting event on the planet!

Art director, designer, and animator Marcos Vaz from Estado de Sonho joins us on the pod and shares his experiences working with high-profile clients like CBS for the Super Bowl LVIII show package. From understanding your client's perspective to navigating complex projects, Marcos provides great insights that are relevant for all creative professionals.

Tune in to explore his story and gain actionable tips that can elevate your own creative journey.

4 Key Takeaways for Creative Professionals

1. Embrace the Client's Perspective

Understanding the client's viewpoint is crucial for successful project outcomes. Marcos emphasizes the importance of aligning your designs with the client's needs and goals, even if it means setting aside your personal preferences. This approach ensures that your solutions effectively address the client's challenges and foster long-term collaboration.

2. Offer Creative Solutions, Not Just Designs

Marcos highlights the significance of providing creative solutions tailored to the client's specific problems. It's not just about creating visually appealing designs but about solving real issues. This mindset can differentiate you from other designers and solidify your reputation as a valuable problem solver.

3. Build Strong Partnerships

Forming strategic partnerships can be a game-changer for handling large-scale projects. Marcos’s collaboration with Two Fresh demonstrates the benefits of entrusting project management and financial aspects to a reliable partner. This allows you to focus on the creative side while ensuring smooth and professional project execution.

4. Adapt and Evolve with Technology

Staying updated with evolving technologies is essential for staying competitive. Marcos discusses integrating Unreal Engine into the Super Bowl project, highlighting the importance of adapting to new tools and workflows. Continuous learning and embracing new technologies can enhance your capabilities and keep you ahead in the industry.

Listen to the full episode for a deeper dive into Marcos Vaz's inspiring journey and expertise.

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