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How to Land Big Clients: The Art of Mograph Biz Dev with Joe Nash

School of Motion

Buckle up for a deep dive with Joe Nash, the ex-Director of Business Strategy at Buck, and now an advisor for studios in mastering business development.

Our chat with Joe isn't just an overview; it's a roadmap to revolutionizing your business approach in the dynamic world of motion design.

Really Understanding Client Needs

Joe spills the beans on the importance of really understanding your clients. In the constantly shifting motion design space, a designer’s ability to adapt to the needs of the clients and product teams they serve is critical to success. Joe's wisdom? It's crucial to speak their language to make those collaborations effective.

Specialist vs. Jack-of-All-Trades: Joe’s Take

To specialize or to be a versatile force in motion design? Joe’s take: diversify your skill set. He advocates for a well-rounded approach, especially if it resonates with client needs. Continuous learning and skill expansion are your tickets to staying relevant and sharp.

Engaging Deeply with Clients

Joe emphasizes real, profound conversations with clients and studios, diving into their evolving needs and challenges. His advice? Stay inquisitive, ask meaningful questions, and consistently add value. It's about adaptability, curiosity, and a service mindset to navigate this evolving industry.

Adapt, Learn, Grow

Adaptability is key in motion design. The industry is a rollercoaster; being ready for its ups and downs is crucial. Embrace continuous learning and growth to keep up with the pace. Joe dishes it out on this one.

Nash's Insights: A Goldmine for Mograph Designers

Summing it up, our interview with Joe Nash is a treasure trove of insights for designers and animators looking to sharpen their business acumen. He shines a light on building robust client relationships, embracing continuous learning, and adapting to the dynamic motion design field.

Stay sharp, and remember – every move counts!

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