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Motion Design Inspiration: Shoe Advertising

Caleb Ward

A breakdown of awesome shoe commercials what what made them standout!

It seems like these days every other Motion Graphics video is a commercial for shoes, which is not a bad thing. Shoe spots give MoGraph artists the ability to show off their skills through strong visual language and simulations. We’ve been on a shoe commercial kick (pun intended) lately, so we put together a list of some of our favorite spots.

Man vs. Machine

When it comes to amazing shoe commercials one studio reigns supreme, Man vs. Machine. The team at MvM has been teaming up with Nike for years to create incredible shoe commercials that push the limits of MoGraph awesomeness.

The thing that makes their spots so cool is the complete disregard for traditional advertising rules. Just watch this commercial created for the Air Max 2017. You can almost see the dynamic simulation artist smiling.

In a similar vein, this video created for the Nike Flyknit is a masterclass in cloth simulation. They literally created a shoe out of digital feathers. How the heck do they do that?!

There are literally dozens of other fantastic examples of Nike work from MvM. Go check out their Vimeo channel and prepare to have a heart attack.


Nike’s not the only shoe company trying to sell shoes with Motion Graphics. This Under Armour piece created by Laundry uses a unique whisp design to visualize aerodynamics. Look at that stringy logo reveal… wowzas.


Royale’s done their fair share of shoe commercials. Check out this spot featuring this woven fabric concept. You can almost feel the cloth with your eyes...


Where do I begin about this spot created by Tendrill? The color is amazing. The rendering is on-point. The particle work is breathtaking. This is a bunch of Motion Designers just showing off...

Breakdown Video

There’s also a sweet breakdown video that shows us how Tendrill created some of the elements in the video. It looks like they used C4D for most of the 3D work. Time to watch some more tutorials...

Hopefully these videos have inspired you to go out and create some awesome MoGraph work. Which is little ironic because you don’t need shoes for that…

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