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Motion Design Inspiration: Lost In Space

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Let's take a look at some of our favorite Motion Design sequences in space.

If you’ve ever stared up at the sky and wondered what’s out there beyond our own little blue marble, then you’re in good company. The thought of being out in space has been a source of inspiration for artists over the centuries.


This piece is wild. Created by the mad VFX wizards at The Mill for the movie Star Trek Beyond, this is the first music video to ever be shot entirely with IMAX® cameras. The VFX in this piece are absolutely breath taking, packed with color and dimension, you really feel like you could be on the Enterprise exploring a distant world.


If you have a great story to tell you don’t need all of those flashy VFX, and Solus is a great example of that. Put together as a passion project by the excellent team at IV, this piece tells the story of loneliness, adventure, and self sacrifice all set in the vastness of space. It’s also an excellent example of how sound design and music can really hit you right in the feels.


In the last few years talk about going to Mars has been becoming a real thing. How cool would it be to join up with our rover buddies on the red planet? This piece made as a promo for The Martian makes it feel like we could be launching astronauts into space tomorrow to make the epic journey to our nearest planetary neighbor.


What would space be without aliens? For our final piece of space inspiration we’ll take a trip to Planet Twelve, population soon to be 0. It’s got a great cast of alien creatures along with a catchy tune that will be stuck in your head all week.

That's it for this time!


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