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Motion Design Inspiration: Student Projects

Caleb Ward

Check out these awesome School of Motion student projects!

Most people think that in order to create great Motion Design you need to be in the industry for years, polishing your skills with experience and time. For the most part that is true. Motion Design, like any industry, takes time to master, but we’ve run across a few projects that make us think it might be possible to create amazing Motion Design projects early in your career.

All of these projects were created by students of animation, but you wouldn’t know it from the quality of the work. So if you’re ready to get real insecure about your work… Here are some awesome student projects.


Death by Lemonade is a super cool short film that proves you don’t need complex camera movements or advanced 3D rendering to create an animation project that tells a great story. The project is a wonderful example of color, composition, and storytelling. You’ll notice how the sound really helps to sell the emotion.


In Animation Bootcamp we task our students with working on a project for a client called Nudl. The exercise is typically just to help with animation fundamentals, but Dylan took it one step further and created this fake TV ad. It’s like something out of Rick and Morty. We love it.


Almost everyone when they get started with 3D wants to create stuff that looks realistic. Tricks like using Octane and professional textures can help you get there, but in reality it takes a lot of time to make something look real. Apparently Ziye Liu didn’t get this memo and decided to create a photorealistic short film in college. It’s so artsy...


It takes a special kind of person to have the patience necessary to do hand-drawn animation work and Joshua Mulligan is a special kind of person.This project created for a student animation festival is just bonkers. Just look at that complex movement.


Ballpit is a wonderful demonstration of cause and effect in Motion Graphics. The video created by Kyle Mowat demonstrates a beautiful hand-drawn hybrid style. It even helped land Kyle a job at Buck. Which is buckin’ awesome...


Character Animation Bootcamp is a great introduction to Character Animation in After Effects. Every session we get some alumni that go above and beyond expectations and this project is certainly above and beyond. The ending music is a nice touch too.

Well hopefully your feeling inspired to go out there and learn something new. The world of Motion Graphics is ever-changing so you’ll always have more to learn. And of course if you want to up your skills check out the tutorials and courses here on School of Motion.

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