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Hire Awesome Motion Designers with the School of Motion Jobs Board

By School of Motion

Hire educated Motion Designers from around the world with School of Motion’s brand new job board.

Hiring a Motion Designer is not an easy task. As one of the largest Motion Design platforms in the world we hear stories all the time about how difficult it is to hire Motion Graphic artists. As a result, most Motion Design hiring managers are forced to either ask for referrals or sort through applications using clunky hiring systems. This inevitably leaves you frustrated and annoyed. We feel your pain, so we decided to do something about it.

A New Way to Hire Motion Designers

School of Motion is proud to announce a brand new jobs board for hiring Motion Designers. The jobs board has be meticulously designed to make finding the perfect Motion Designer easy.

What makes the School of Motion job board great?

Our jobs board was designed for the modern Motion Design industry. As such we’ve carefully crafted a great hiring experience. Here’s a few reasons why you’ll love using the School of Motion jobs board.

1. It’s Fast to Post

Posting a job on the School of Motion job board is super quick. Just fill out a short questionnaire with details about the job posting. Within a few minutes you’ll see your job posing on the job board. From there our network of over 30K Motion Designers will be able to apply and interact with your job posting. It won’t take long for the applications to start rollin’ in. 
Lead Motion Design Hiring.png
This is a job listing in the jobs board feed. Snazzy!

2. We Save Your Company Profile

Isn’t it annoying when you have to upload the same information again and again when posting a new job? If you frequently hire Motion Designers we’ve got a handy little feature that we think you’ll love. The job board will automatically save your company information and logos so you don’t have to re-upload information each time you post a new job. This will save you a ton of time if you do a lot of MoGraph hiring.

3. Everything’s in One Place

Unlike other hiring platforms all of your Motion Design applicants can be found on a single page. No more searching through email inboxes or complex website layouts. Having all of your Motion Design talent in one place will make it easy to sort through applications and compare portfolios. 
Application feed.png
All of your applicants are in one place.

4. Applications are Pre-Tailored

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel to use the School of Motion jobs board. By following a simple sequence of prompts you can very quickly get your job posting online with all of the necessary information visible to applicants. You’ll easily be able to fill out questions related to skill level, software, and experience.
Job Board Hiring Platform.png
Just fill out the fields and boom. Your job posting is live.

5. No More Email Overload

The School of Motion job board interface uses our proprietary software to easily organize all of your applications in one place. This means you won’t be flooded with emails each time an applicant applies for a job. Hooray for clean inboxes!

6. Everything is Organized

Applications are very easy to sort through on the School of Motion Jobs Board. Each applicant will be able to upload 3 pieces of work to showcase their Motion Design talent along with portfolio links and a short ‘why should we hire you’ section. This means you can very quickly sort through applications.
Artist Profile.png
Each applicant has a simple profile to make sorting easy.

7. Our Network of Motion Designers

As an online education platform we definitely see the value of learning animation from experienced professionals. We believe that Motion Designers who take the time to hone their craft deserve to be recognized. So you’ll easily be able to see if your applicant has taken a School of Motion Bootcamp. School of Motion Alumni understand the importance of design, animation, and communication, so you can bet your wacom they’ll be a great candidate.

Ready to Post a Job?

Keep the School of Motion Job Board in mind the next time you hire a Motion Designer. We’d happily help you craft the perfect job posting. Our network of 30K+ Motion Designers are ready to apply. From new Motion Design talent to MoGraph artists with over a decade of experience you’ll easily be able to find a great fit for your posting.
We are hiring.gif