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5 MoGraph Studios You Should Know About

Caleb Ward

Here are 5 Motion Graphics studios that you should definitely know about.

You’ve seen the mind-melting work of Buck, the hybrid masterpieces at The Mill, and the sleek re-brands from Troika. In fact, in a lot of ways these Motion Design studios probably inspired you to get into the MoGraph world in the first place. But something has changed. It’s not that you don’t love Buck, The Mill, or Troika anymore (they actually keep giving you awesome things to look at on a regular basis) it’s just you can’t help but feel like you want something new, something different.

In the MoGraph world it’s not uncommon to see incredible work from the same MoGraph studios again and again. However, there are literally hundreds of motion design studios around the world doing great work. We wanted to share some of our favorite lesser-known studios, so we put together a list of 5 awesome motion design studios that you’ve probably never heard of. These studios are sure to add some spice back to your love of motion design.

Scorch Motion

Location: LondonScorch Motion is an edgy MoGraph studio in the heart of London. Like most major studios, their work spans across various disciplines from 3D to flat 2D animation. While it’s hard to say exactly what Scorch Motion’s specialty is (because they are so good at a lot of things), we think their simulated cardboard, stop-motion work is particularly interesting.

It’s not all fun and games at Scorch Motion. The team is serious about creating plugins for Motion Designers. Their latest plugin, InstaBoom, instantly adds explosions to your footage with just the click of a mouse. Prices for the plugin start at $99 a month and go up to $24,999 a month.

JUST KIDDING! But check out this hilarious demo they made for it. They even have a product page for it. The commitment to the joke is truly inspiring!


Location: Barcelona

Corporate work can be difficult. A lot of times it’s not the corporate gigs that inspired you to get into Motion Design in the first place. Instead you might be in the MoGraph industry because of your desire to create amazing things, learn new skills, or artistically express yourself. But sometimes it can seem like your artistic desires and your paychecks come from two completely different worlds.

We say it all the time: 'One for the Reel, One for the Meal'. This statement is definitely true at Device.

Device has specifically classified their business into two different categories: the White Side and the Black Side. Both departments have VERY different styles of work, but all of it is friggin' awesome. The White Side has your typical paid projects like this John Carpenter animated short film:

And the Dark Side has bizarre/awesome stuff like this terrifying Internet Age Media intro video. Seriously folks... this is the stuff of nightmares.

Mattrunks Studio

Location: Paris

The next studio comes to you from the city of love, Paris. Mattrunks is a MoGraph studio that specializes in doing some pretty incredible 3D work. All of their projects are friggin’ beautiful and smooth. Just watch these logo animations they made for Fubiz. They go down like a glass of Chateau Cos d'Estournel.

Mattrunks is also really big on teaching stuff. So they’ve put together a slew of Motion Graphic tutorials covering After Effects and Cinema 4D. If you’re into that sort of thing (and we bet you are) go check 'em out.


Location: Berlin

Zeitguised is a high-art motion design company that pushes the limit of what it means to be a ‘studio’. The works created by Zeitguised are usually abstract, non-traditional, and complex in the best possible way. We actually interviewed Matt Frodsham from Zietguised for our Podcast and he talked a lot about how he balances his work-life balance and his passion for creating art.

The thing to look for in their work is the incredible texture and material shading displayed in their 3D modeling. The team at Zeitguised seem to be obsessed with simulating materials on screen. If you’re on Instagram I highly recommend following Zeitguised. They post amazing stuff all the time.


Location: Taipei

Bito is a fun studio based in Taipei. Most of Bito’s work features a lot of the cute and colorful themes you might expect with Asian pop-culture, but that doesn’t make their work any-less impressive. Here’s their latest demo reel:

They’ve also done quite a few music videos like this one created for MAYDAY. The video can only be described as a kawaii LSD trip.

Wasn't That Awesome?!

Hopefully this list has introduced you to a few new and exciting Motion Design studios. If you like any of the work featured in this post reach out to the company and share the love. We won’t tell Buck, I promise.

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