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8 Inspiring Motion Projects From the First Half of 2018

Johnathan Paul

Let’s get inspired with some incredible Motion Design projects from some of the best in the business.

As an artist your probably always looking for inspiration. That inspiration can come from everyday life and personal experience, or you can actively look for that inspiration in the work of others like on Wine After Coffee or Motionographer. To help you on your inspirational journey we’ve scoured the internet and collected a diverse group of motion design projects from the first half of 2018.

Sit back, relax, and let those creative juices start flowing.


Created By: MPC & Dougal Wilson (Director)

Why It’s Awesome: Blink director Dougal Wilson teamed up with MPC and their VFX crew once again after the successful iPhone “Unlock” campaign with Apple. This time however they needed to find a creative way to sell consumers on the fabric designs from IKEA’s new line of products. How do we do this? Create a ghost party using a perfect blend of practical and CGI elements.


Created By: Nerdo

Why It’s Awesome: While liquid animation isn’t anything new, many of us are still fascinated when it's produced extremely well. This is especially true for the Italian broadcaster RAI and their promo for the Far East Festival. The style of the animation utilizes a clear reflection of Asian culture and art with its color palette and design elements. Nerdo also does an incredible job of seamless blending various cornerstones of Asian culture, film genres, and iconography.


Created By: Time Based Arts

Why It’s Awesome: When Nike reevaluated its connection with today’s youth it found that it had lost its voice. Enter in London based post house Time Based Arts. Wanting to reach the youth of London, Nike worked with TBA to create a campaign that leaned heavily on a balance of practical and digital. The motion design and visual effects never take the piece over, but rather they exist only to heighten the experience and the individuals.


Created By: Blue Spill

Why It’s Awesome: London based design and vfx studio Blue Spill crafted a subtle, but incredibly effective title sequence for the Netflix Documentary film “Take Your Pills”. The sequence utilizes a cohesive color palette and then relies on a nice mixture of enhanced practical video elements and well composed motion graphics. This is all in an attempt to give the viewer a sneak peek into the narrative that awaits them.


Created By: Buck

Why It’s Awesome: Once again Nike makes our list, but this time they join forces with the veteran design company Buck. In this short advertisement Buck was tasked with promoting five classic Nike shoes, but these shoes would be blank, or white in color. With this in mind the designers at Buck developed an amazing array 3D elements with a wide variety of colors and had these element deform to reveal each classic shoe. The imagery is incredibly pleasing and eye popping.


Created By: Unit Image

Why It’s Awesome: Video games utilize amazing CGI to convey a story or to sell consumers on the idea of buying a new title. Beyond Good and Evil 2 is no exception. Following in the footsteps of the amazing trailer that release this time last year, Unit Image worked with developer Ubisoft to give fans one more tease. Fully animated using CGI this trailer answers some questions, but also leave new questions unanswered.


Created By: Tulips and Chimneys

Why It’s Awesome: In this short promo for Hendricks Gin, Tulips and Chimneys channels the great Terry Gilliam of Monty Python fame to turn an ordinary advertisement into something unforgettable. With a great blend of 2D imagery and 3D layering, T&C call forth the artistic stylings of Mucha and merges those with the inspirational setting and feel of Fritz Lang’s Metropolis. The result is a short motion design piece that you have to watch again and again.


Created By: 2veinte

Why It’s Awesome: The 80’s were chalk full of defining animated series and films like He-Man, Transformers, and Akria. With this in mind insanely talented animators at 2veinte decided to create an opening title sequence to the greatest and most awesome animated series that never existed. While the animation feels more in line with the likes of FLCL or Lupin the Third, as it utilizes fluid line techniques to create a unique visual style, the music and imagery within the short animation clearly give us that 80’s feel.

Hopefully, these animations have inspired you and get those creative juices flowing. If your out and about looking for inspiration and see some mind blowing animations be sure to share those out below. Now get out there and make some amazing animations! If you don't know where to start go check out the School of Motion tutorial page. Ciao!

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