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Motion Mondays: Remove the Noise Edition

By School of Motion
From removing crowds to removing distractions, this week's Motion Mondays is full of mograph gold.


aescripts + aeplugins just dropped Superpose 2, a brand new tool that removes moving objects from static camera plates. This looks a million and five times faster than Photoshoping a still plate...
Hat Tip: Ryan 'Content Aware' Plummer

Get Your Brain Back

This product announcement video for reMarkable is well... just that. It's like GoodBooks Metamorphosis meets Black Mirror meets a depression medicine commercial.
Hat Tip: Ryan, again...

You Should Charge More.

Stop underbidding for projects. This great article from the HBR shares a few reasons why underbidding might be hurting your freelance career.
Hat tip: Han-nah-gimme-mo-money-Guay

10% Off Pond5

Need some assets for your next project? Pond5 is giving you 10% off all stock media on their site. Use code P5SOM10 at checkout (Expires: 12/31/18)

Ask Sander van Dijk Anything

With Advanced Motion Methods registration right around the corner (December 10th), instructor Sander van Dijk is going to do a community Q&A on the School of Motion podcast. From career advice to technical questions, if you have a question for Sander feel free to ask away.

It's the Little Things

Primitives is a new tool that allows you to very quickly create primitive shapes in After Effects using KBar. In the words of hat tip recipient Tony Agliata, "not earth shattering, but very handy."
aescripts primitives featurette.gif
Image from aescripts + aeplugins

Branding the Chimp

The team at Animade help develop a new 'Brand Animation Guide' for Mailchimp. The new redesign feels like when you would create flip-books in middle school, but in a squash and stretch kind of way...
Hat Tip: Joey, the Dude of Doodles.

Did You Hear That?

Christopher Rutledge dropped this bizarre 3D short for Adult Swim. Prepare to see some ear wax.
Hat Tip: Billy 'Chit-Chat' Chitkin

What did the Fox Slay?

This project, that's what. Ranger & Fox dropped this masterpiece full of great design and 3D renders.
Hat Tip: Liam, The Magistrate of Monday Meetings

Computer Generated Art

Generative art is an interesting concept where computers use constraints to create art without human interference. Think of it as an After Effects random seed slider for art. This article outlines how you can create your own with 100 lines of code.
Hat Tip: Ryan 'For the Last Time' Plummer

Student Spotlight: Santiago Cabrero Puertas

This week's student spotlight features Santiago Cabrero Puertas. Santiago is new to the mograph world, but already creating some incredible work. Here's a fantastic Super Nintendo modeled for Cinema 4D Basecamp.
Student Spotlight.png

Alumni Spotlight: Jonan Grobler

This week's featured alumni is Jonan Grobler. Jonan runs a motion design studio in South Africa called Wilderbeast. Jonan's love of 2D mograph can be seen in all of the work he creates. Side note, he also developed a series of animated quotes from Experiment Fail Repeat that will be appearing on our shiny new Instagram channel.

In Case You Missed It

Last week Jake Bartlett dropped a brand new tutorial with Adobe Illustrator tips and Anne sat down with the team at Good Bad Habits to discuss their transition from India to Canada.

Coming this Week...

This week Greg Stewart will give us a behind the scenes look into a few of his recent projects and we'll take a look at some sweet walk cycle inspiration.

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