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Motion Mondays: The 3D Musical Edition

By School of Motion

Singing 3D artists, new tools, and free stock footage?! There's a lot to be thankful for in this week's Motion Mondays...

A Heartwarming Melody: From Captain Disillusion?...

CaptainDisilussion (star of the world’s best VFX YouTube channel) gave a fantastic talk at the Blender Conference 2018. However, the thing that everybody is talking about is the song at the end of the video… It’s just beautiful.
Hat tip: The Perpetually Disillusioned Joey Korenman

A Guide to Cinema 4D Lite Shortcuts

3D for Designers put together a beautiful webpage full of keyboard shortcuts for Cinema 4D Lite. Needless to say, the webpage is a fantastic resource if you want to work faster.

Rendered in Blender?

As Blender continues to improve so does the work of 3D artists using the application. This video was entirely rendered, animated, rigged, and simulated using Blender. Wow.

Materials for Everyday

GreyscaleGorilla just launched a brand new collection of 350 materials for 3D work. The Everyday Material Collection is compatible with Arnold, Octane, and Redshift.
Hat Tip: Biam and Lilly

Cyber Week Sale-ebration

The team at aescripts + aeplugins just dropped a trailer for their cyberweek sale. It looks really awesome... and the sale seems pretty nice too.

Poliigon’s Launching Models

The stock texture site Poliigon just launched a new ‘Models’ category. The model quality, online features, and (almost) universal support across 3D apps looks very promising.
Hat Tip: Liam (Mail spelled backwards)

Learn from Erin Sarofsky (and Friends)

The team at Sarofsky (Dr. Strange, Ant Man, etc.) is putting together a weekend workshop series called Sarofsky Labs. They will cover a lot of good topics from title design to branding.
Hat Tip: Joey... does Joey even wear hats?

Does Quality Matter in Advertising?

Wistia did a ridiculous test where they compared the performance of a $100K, $10K, and $1K advertising campaign. Which video do you think performed the best?

Free Stock Footage for Charity Work

Working on a video for a charity or good cause? Dissolve is willing to give you up to $2500 in stock footage for free.

TextExploder 2: The Explosion Returns

TextExploder just received a major new update and it now supports paragraph text and built-in KBar support.

Alumni Spotlight: David Martinez

This week's featured alumni is David Martinez. David is the co-founder and art director/animator at Duo Team. David was born in NYC but I works between Brooklyn and Bogota, Colombia. David's has been doing mograph for 6 years and is absolutely killin' it. Here's the latest Duo Team reel.

Student Spotlight: Sheetal Ravi

Sheetal Ravi is receiving a Student Spotlight this week. Sheetal is a college animation graduate that is using School of Motion to help grow her animation skills! She is currently designing UI layouts for an early stage startup and is looking to do more freelance projects in the future. Here's her ball bounce project from Animation Bootcamp.

In Case You Missed It

Coming this Week...

This week we have a Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale roundup and Simon Fielder stops by the podcast to share his ridiculous Houdini knowledge.

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