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Motion Mondays: Deals and Feels Edition

By School of Motion
From cyber monday deals to heartwarming feels, this Motion Mondays is the perfect segue to the holidays.

(Cyber) Mondays are the Best

It’s officially Cyber Monday! We created a roundup full of some of the best deals from around the motion design industry. Now get out there and snag all of those sweet mograph goodies.

Buck’s Gone Full-Pixar

The team at Buck created this incredibly heartwarming short encouraging you to share your gifts with others (and possibly buy an Apple computer). There’s even a super cool behind the scenes video about how the whole thing was created. Hat Tip: Will 4-10-Berry

Registration is Soon

Registration for our Winter session starts on Monday, December 10th at 8 AM EST. We're super excited to have our first ever enrollment for Advanced Motion Methods with Sander van Dijk!

Final Cut O-No!

Apple recently shocked the video editing world by dropping support for DNxHD/HR, CineForm, and Sony HDSR formats on future macOS releases. What does this mean for the future of video formats on Apple devices? Only time will tell… Hat Tip: liam_final_clisham_o1.mp4

Projection Mapping: Cars Edition

Here’s a fun montage of projection mapping featuring cars. Enough said. Hat Tip: Salt, the person, not the mineral

The Art of Jazz

This amazing short documentary showcases how Jazz album covers got their unique look. This inspiring video is full of great motion, design, and storytelling. Hat Tip: Patrick “Whiplash” Butler

Alumni Spotlight: Traci Brinling Osowski

This week’s alumni spotlight is Traci Brinling Osowski. Traci is a full-time free motion designer working in Boston. In addition to her freelance work, Traci is a TA for School of Motion and she also coordinates the yearly animated holiday card. You can see more of her work on her portfolio page or Vimeo channel.

Student Spotlight: Ada Skowronek

This week’s student spotlight is Ada Skowronek. Ada is a graphic designer and mograph artist working at an agency in Warsaw, Poland. She is currently taking Design Bootcamp where she cranked out some crazy-good Tokyo Throwdown Boards. You can see more of her work on Behance, Twitter, and Instagram.
Ada Design Image.png
A Styleframe from Ada Skowronek in Design Bootcamp

In Case You Missed It

Last week we took a look at a list of our favorite deals of the holiday season and Simon Fiedler stopped by the podcast to tell us why failure is helpful for motion designers. 

Coming this Week...

This week we're dropping two brand new tutorials. First off, Morgan will compare and contrast tools for character animation then Joey will show you how to create automated motion design projects.

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