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Motion Mondays: The Most Wonderful Time Edition

By School of Motion
From registration and giveaways to illustrations and movies, this Motion Mondays is full of celebration and creativity.

Winter Registration is Open!

Winter Registration is officially open and seats are going faster than Tickle Me Elmo’s in 1996. If you want to grow your motion design skills, now’s the best time to secure your spot for the Winter Session. Hurry, classes start January 7th. Here’s a list of available courses:

12 Days of Giveaways 2018 Starts Today!

We want you to be the first to know about our second annual 12 Days of Giveaways contest. The contest is 12 consecutive days of motion design prize packs with over $38K worth of prizes given away. You can enter for free and the first prize will be given away today!

Rotobot, The Future of Rotoscoping?

Sam Hodge has designed a new plugin for Nuke that uses machine learning to automatically rotoscope objects from a video. This tool looks like it could save a ton of time, although you probably love rotoscoping by hand…

A Lifetime of Illustrated Memories

Illustrator and Editor Colin Levy created a documentary about his grandfather’s inspirational outlook on life and creativity. While the documentary isn’t necessarily motion design centered, it is a fantastic story that has all the feels...


David Pocull and Luke Etcheberry teamed up to create a fun motion design project centered around what it’s like to be a dad. That lego dance hits close to home...

Is Pepsi Ok?

Jeff Thomson shared some incredible Houdini render tests created for Pepsi. These will be the most insane particle renders you see today.

Greyscale Gorilla’s One Day Sale

Today (Monday, December 10th) is Greyscalegorilla's annual one day sale. Get 40% everything on their site!

A PSA from Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise has a very important message for you to share with you about video interpolation. We never thought we’d ever type that sentence...

Student Spotlight: Alexander Heller

This week’s featured student is Alexander Heller. Alexander is wrapping up his time in Cinema 4D Basecamp with this awesome VHS tape render. (Note: A VHS tape is a plastic device that people used to use to watch things before the internet.)
Alexander Heller-S Spotlight-Social Image.png

Alumni Spotlight: Earl Cabuhat

Earl Cabuhat is this week’s featured alumni. Earl’s growth in animation and design are a testament to what dedication and practice can bring. We’ve watched the progression of his artwork, and we’re very impressed. Check out his portfolio!

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