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Motion Mondays: Musical Madness Edition

By School of Motion
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This week's Motion Mondays is full of madness...

Registration is Going on Now

It’s now officially week 2 of our Winter Registration period. Last Monday Advanced Motion Methods sold out in only 5 minutes and it looks like we might sell out in a couple other courses as well. If you’re still interested in snagging a spot in the Winter Session there are a few spots available in the following courses:

12 Days is Getting Interesting

We’re a little over halfway through 12 Days of Giveaways. The prize pack keeps getting bigger and bigger! You can sign-up on the giveaway page.
12 Days of Giveaways 2018Thumbnail Image.png

Google Earth Studio

Using presumably wizardry, Google is releasing a new beta-program called Google Earth Studio where people can use Google Maps scans to create 3D animations. It’s like having the world’s best drone at your fingertips.
Hat Tip Liam "The Earth is Flat" Clisham

Create an After Effects Robot

Joey dropped a brand new tutorial covering how to create a render bot in After Effects. Using this technique you can give your clients the power to edit, render, and share After Effects projects without ever opening up the software.

An Epic Expressions Library

Ready to get serious about expressions? Animoplex has created an incredible free library of tutorials covering various expressions in After Effects.
Hat Tip: Kyle

And the Oscar Goes to…

The teams at Maxon and After Effects have won a technical Oscar for their software achievements. Does this mean the After Effects and Cinema 4D splash screen will have a laurel on it now?
Hat Tip: I'd like to thank Liam and Kyle and my mom and dad for always believing in me. Who am I forgetting here... music fades up.

Harmonize with Adult Swim

This isn’t exactly motion graphics,… you should see it. That’s all we’re going to say.
Hat Tip: Kyle "Squash and Stretch" Hamrick

Goodbye Justin Cone

Justin Cone sent out a goodbye letter on Motionographer this week. Justin’s work in the Motion Design industry can’t be praised enough. If you’re an artist in the Motion Design world you’ve undoubtedly been helped by Justin’s work.
Hat Tip: Joe-E is Bookin' it just published a book about modern video workflows featuring interviews with experts from all over the creative world. This is gold.
Hat Tip: YN

Free Modular Character Illustrations

Need a quick character illustration for a motion project? Pablo Stanley dropped a free mix-and-match illustration kit for free online. They are also free to use on commercial projects. So… yay.
Hat Tip: Liam "The Humaaan"

Adobe Gives ProRes Exporting to PC Users

Adobe’s video applications now support ProRes exporting on Windows machines. This is a HUGE update for PC users.
Hat Tip: Billy "Mac v PC War is Over" Chitkin

Keyframes and Chill

Andrew Vucko has created a screen capture video showcasing how he created some cool 2D wave animations. The video also has a slow jam track that is just too smooth for words...
Hat Tip: Greg, King of the Gregs

Frightened of this Thing that We've Become...

As a fan of School of Motion you probably agree that Toto’s 'Africa' is the best song ever written. So you can imagine the heartbreak that flooded our emotions when EJ shared this song. Why… just... why?!

Alumni Spotlight: Deanna Reilly

This week’s Alumni spotlight is Deanna Reilly! Deanna is an Ireland-based Motion designer that wants to use the power of explainer videos to show the world how learning can be fun! You can find more of her work here.

Student Spotlight: Diego de Arruda

Today’s student spotlight is Diego de Arruda! Diego said "After Effects Kickstart is blowing up my mind! Already knew some After Effects, but now I'm more precise in the process." Here’s an example of his work in the course. Great job Diego!

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