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Beeple’s AI Secret, Rive UI Wizardry, and Canva's Viral Rap - You Have to See This!

School of Motion

This week's Motion Mondays is packed with surprises! 

BUT FIRST, our summer registration is ON and if you register in the next 48h you can get 10% off! This is the last session with the current pricing locked in (and a slight price drop for the revamped C4D Ascent course!), so make sure you check out our blog post for more details or go straight to our courses to register!

Discover how Beeple is using AI to elevate his "Everydays," see a Rive genius redefine UI animation, and laugh (or cringe) at Canva's viral conference rap. Plus, get the scoop on the latest tools and features shaking up the motion design world. Jump in and let’s get inspired! Watch the full episode now! 

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48 Hour Sale!

Cinema 4D Ascent

VFX For Motion

Explainer Camp

For more details and links, check out the show notes below.


Cool Job Alert with Adobe - Adobe is looking for an Experience Designer who will be looking at how After Effects will be integrating its new 3D features in the future. 

Pure Ref 2.0 is out now - Pure Ref is a reference image management tool for Mac or Windows and a huge time saver! Check out the release notes here.

Dmitry Novikov at Rive - Dmitry is a Product Designer at Rive and is doing some very cool stuff, creating animated UI components that can be implemented easily into apps and websites. (Psst: More Rive training coming to SoM soon!)

Coat of Arms titles for SXSW - West Virginia based studio Coat of Arms created gorgeous mixed media style titles for this year’s SXSW Film and TV Festival.

Summer Registration is ON - Registration for our Summer session is OPEN! And if you sign up in the first 48h you can grab 10%.

Beeple uses AI?! - Beeple revealed that he uses the AI tool Magnific for his Everydays. The tool is a great example of AI complementing creativity without replacing it. Here is the Everyday he created live at the NFC conference.

VFX...r u ok? - The must-watch mini documentary by Crafthive that dives into the current challenges in the VFX industry.

Substance Painter turns 10 with new AI features - Adobe Substance Painter now has new generative AI feature in Sampler and Stager.

SoM Students of the Week - Jamie Northrup - Jamie is excelling in Explainer Camp, which takes students through the entire process of creating a visual essay. Jamie created an impressive boardomatic!

SoM Students of the Week - Joshua Lim - Joshua nailed a tricky VFX for Motion assignment, showcasing top notch keying and color correction skills!

Canva’s Rap/New Features - Canva unveiled a new rap (we like Hashi’s version better) and a host of new features at its Canva Create conference that show it is not just aiming at “non-designers”, but very much aiming at the pro market, too.

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